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Parijat Academy provides free education for underprivileged children in Assam, India.

A rural revitalization program offering free medical care, reforestation, and education for the poor.

is a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

Supporting research to find a cure for various cancers

Educate a Child at Parijat Academy

Parijat Academy was founded in 2003  with the goal of educating the community to improve the quality of life in Assam’s impoverished semi-rural villages. The main school currently has over 520 students from Nursery through to Class 10 studying at Pamohi, a village approximately 10km from Guwahati. Another 50 children are being educated at a village site in the Garbhanga Forest which is a 3 hours walk (17km) to Parijat Academy.

In addition to children’s education, Parijat Academy provides vocational programmes too. In the future, Parijat also aims to support the community by developing appropriate healthcare and disability services.

No fees are charged for the education and other services provided by Parijat Academy. Funding is derived solely from individual donations and contributions from small charitable foundations.  Parijat means “Heavenly Flowers” in Assamese.

A gift that will serve them for life


Your Gift of Education, Their Future, Your Joy of Giving!

The “Educate a Child Programme” has been initiated by to support the children's education by providing them with caring  teachers to teach them the following subjects:

English, Maths, General Science, Hindi, Assamese, Social Science, Environmental studies, Computing, Arts and Crafts, Football, Sewing, Weaving, Basket Making Music, Tradional Dance etc.

The Teachers: the key to their future

Teachers are one of the most valuable gift in our society. And the teachers of Parijat Academy are no exception. They relentlessly dedicate their time, efforts and energy to the students. The teachers of Parijat Academy understand the importance of education, so much so that they are willing to work without steady pay. The Principal, Uttam equally values education so much that he has decided that every child will have access to education FREE of CHARGE.

Why does Parijat Academy offers FREE education?

Most of the children live in abject poverty so free education is very valuable to them but the implications are that many of the teachers do not get a steady pay check. Uttam relies on donations to fund the salaries of teachers. He has declared that charging families for education would not be efficient because most of them barely have enough money to eat.                

Most families live off less than a few dollars a month!

Uttam believes that education will save children of the Pamohi village and eventually be a catalyst for them to change the world. Thus he is committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure that these beautiful children have access to quality, free education. Uttam’s vision of social change is so strong that the Parijat teachers have dedicated themselves to cultivating the students.

From Child Labour to Education

If Parijat Academy did not exist the Pamohi village of Guwahati would be a bleak place. The Pamohi village would be a place of hopelessness. It would be a village of sadness and uncertainty. There would be no children roaming the streets. There would be no laughter echoing in the neighbourhoods. There would be no dreams filling the atmosphere. The children would have to spend their days working long hours doing very difficult manual labour with their parents. The children would never experience the beauty of literature, music, art and mathematics…

Education opens the doors to a world of opportunities

Parijat Academy has truly changed the destiny of children in the Pamohi village. These children are now able to attend school and thanks to Uttam Teron many of them are even attending college. The link between education and poverty reduction is undeniable. When a child has more education, it provides them with better opportunities and an even greater opportunity to break generational chains of poverty. So, I humbly ask that you join us in our quest to provide the children of Parijat Academy with education.

The teachers make all the difference…

Parijat Academy would not be as successful in serving over 522 students if it were not for the relentless efforts of the teachers. Each teacher brings a special set of skills and talents to teach the children. The teachers often work long hours to provide each child with the attention they need to be successful. They also travel from their homes to meet the children at school each morning. They sit it classrooms without electricity and they teach the students. They have instilled in the children the importance and value of education.

Amazing dedication shown by the students…

“Parijat Academy provides 9 girls and 10 boys with a hostel so they can attend school. Most of these children are from a village called Garbangha. Garbangha is located in the mountains of Northeastern India and it takes about 4-5 hours to walk there. Many of these children previously walked daily to attend Parijat Academy because in Garbangha there is no school. I could not understand why they would walk several hours a day just to go to school, but after talking with these children I have come to understand that they once walked for a change. These brave children took a chance and are now paving a new way for their village. These children are the greatest example of how one can carve out a new path of hope. When Uttam Teron saw how determined these children were to get an education he decided to build a hostel to allow them to live at the school. The girls have expressed that attending school is of primary importance because school opens up doors of opportunity that they otherwise would not be able to access. In fact one of the girls explained to me that in Garbangha children have only one choice: and that is to work hard.” - Derrika Rikka-Chan Hunt


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ~ Nelson Mandela

If you wish to donate to this beautiful cause then you can pay by Paypal, Visa or Mastercard. Please note that will forward 100% of your giving.

Donate towards this wonderful  Educate a Child  Programme - Pay via Paypal, Visa or Mastercard

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Support the students, support the teachers…

“I have observed many of the teachers first hand and I’m truly amazed by their commitment to education and to the children. Most importantly each Parijat Academy teacher truly plants seeds of love and wisdom in their students and nurtures them with hope. I cannot imagine what the Pamohi village would be like if Parijat Academy did not exist. Thus, I truly honour all of the teachers for their commitment to student success. And I further honour them for their civic service to the community and to the world.” - Derrika Rikka-Chan Hunt (Volunteer from USA)

“The teacher has the greatest share in moulding the future of the country. Of all professions, yours is the noblest, the most difficult and the most important.” Sathya Sai Baba